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Bone Bone Essense Plus™

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Bone Essense Plus™
U. S. Patent #: 6838440

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Bone Essense Plus is a U.S. Patented formula for promoting bone & joint health and relieving joint pains.

  • A U.S. Patented and clinically tested product (No. 6838440) with unique formula for bone & joint health improvement.
  • Improve joint comfort and function.*
  • Helps lubricate, rejuvenate, re-hydrate and repair joints.*

Bone Essense is developed based on latest breakthroughs in research of human bone and arthritis. When people are aging, our bodies begin a gradual loss of collagen, and due to physical degradation, cartilage between the joints becomes thin and uneven, causing pain when joints move. Supplementing with Kolla2 (patented collagen type II) replenishes body's collagen II. Taken orally, Kolla2 will be digested and absorbed in stomach. The digested product contains rare amino acids and special peptides needed for bones and joints, and will help repair and rejuvenate bone and joint cartilage.

Bone Essense also provides calcium. We now know calcium alone—even combined with vitamin D—does not do enough to rebalance natural bone loss. Coupled with Kolla2, calcium can be better absorbed by human body. Combining Kolla2 and calcium with Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate, MSM, and Hyaluronic Acid, it helps strengthen bone quality. In addition, Bone Essense lubricates joints and boosts joint flexibility. This unique formula works in a remarkably rapid manner.

Bone Essense is developed by Best in Nature®. Our superior and innovative formulations are scientifically designed and researched. Best in Nature® products are manufactured at cGMP certified facilities and distributed globally.

3/9/06, CollagenNutraceuticals announced that after taking the main ingredient of Bone Essense, Kolla2, for six weeks, animal with joint canine abnormalities restored normal function. X-ray figure shows a right joint cartilage's thickness (RightJointHip) significantly increased -

Before taking type II Kolla 2

After taking type II Kolla 2
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules                      Servings Per Container: 30
  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Kolla2 (patented collagen type II) 600 mg *
Glucosamine HCL 200 mg *
Chondrotin Sulphate 80 mg *
Calcium (from calcium citrate) 100 mg 20%
Methylsulfonylmethane 60mg *
Hyaluronic Acid 80mg *
* Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: gelatin and purified water.

 Suggested Use:
Take two capsules twice daily with meals as a dietary supplement.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
Kolla2® is a registered trademark of Collagen Nutraceutical, Inc. Manufactured under US Patent #6,838,440.

*Please check our Mandarin product detail page for “Symptoms matched to specific testimonials”

  • Low bone density, cracking sound in knee. Mr. Zhang, int’l student in Los Angeles (Tel: 949-784-99XX), said his aunt, 65-year-old, living in Ningbo, China, had bone density test and her index was -2.6. After taking Bone Essense for 6 weeks, the bone density index was increased up to -2.0, and the cracking sound in her knees was gone (Editor's note: bone density index -1 to -2.5 indicates low bone density, below -2.5 indicates osteoporosis). Last year, his aunt fell over and broke her wrist. She took calcium and magnesium supplement for more than 6 months, but the bone density index didn’t improve. Mr. Zhang’s friend told him that type II collagen (Kolla2) would be more effective for senior people. Thought about giving it a try, Mr. Zhang bought his aunt one course of Bone Essense. Yesterday, his aunt sent him a message through Wechat said the latest test result showed her bone density significantly improved. And she asked Mr. Zhang to mail her more Bone Essense. Mr. Zhang called in to express thanks!

  • Joint and knee pain. Ms. Wu, California (Tel: 650-255-38xx) had severe degenerative arthritis and effusion in her left leg and knee and cannot lay straight or walk without a crutch. Her doctor advised that a surgery is needed. She started taking since April 2013, four capsules a day, supplemented with . Now she is almost recovered from the pain, and is free to walk around or even drive a car. She told her friends that the surgery for her legs is no longer needed. This should thanks to .

  • Difficulty walking. Mr. Bingquan Sun, Canada (Tel: 416-696-6988 Home, 647-896-2890 Mobile), 87 years old, is an immigrant from Taiwan. In his early years (1946 - 1959), he served as a KMT naval officer on the Tai Kang battle ship. Years at sea, the living conditions are very poor. There was no air conditioning and he could only sleep in the carrier fort during summer. When wake up in the morning, his body was coved with dew. Later on he suffered arthritis and joint pain. He could not bend his knees, and can only dragging legs when walking. In recent years, he tried a lot of medicines and health products to recover from joint pain, but none of them works. Since June 2013, he started taking two courses of , his joint does not hurt anymore and he can even go for a walk. He said,“ is amazing, please take my real name and phone number as witness, to help everyone from suffering joint pain!

  • Left heel pain with bone spur. Ms. Yun Wang (626-216-29XX) from Motley, Minnesota, suffered left heel pain caused by bone spur for years. She was afraid of surgery, so she tried Bone Essense (with larger dosage than recommended, three capsules each time, twice daily). After using 6 bottles, the pain was reduced significantly. She said that Bone Essense was recommended by her sister in California, who used to suffer from severe osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis and started gradually recovering after taking Bone Essense. This time Ms. Wang came back to buy 18 bottles of Bone Essense not only for herself but also for her husband. She called to express her gratitude to Bone Essense for relieving her from joint pain and said that she was planning to travel.

  • Joint and knee pain. Mr. Jiang, calling from Los Angeles, said he suffered knee pain for months. The X-ray arthrography diagnosis revealed both articular cavities of his knees were narrowing, and he had arthritis. The rehabilitation therapists told him the losses of joint cartilage were not irreversible, he could do nothing but walk less. His wife suggested that he try taking Bone Essense. After only one month, the old joint pain and walking difficulties disappeared. He even travelled to Europe for a month long trip that required a lot of walking daily. He called Best in Nature to express his gratitude. (Mr. Jiang, 626-906-92xx)

  • Ankle and wrist pain. Mrs. Chen, 66 years old, came to Seattle to visit her family. Her ankle hurt too much for her to walk, and her wrists hurt so much she couldn’t wash the dishes or hold the children. She got treated for a long time in China, but the pain didn’t get any better. Mrs. Chen’s friend recommended Bone Essense to her. After taking Bone Essense for a year or so, she had no problem walking, holding the children, or doing housework. “The periarthritis pain was relieved thanks to Best in Nature. Without Bone Essense, my pain wouldn’t be gone and I don’t know how long I would have to suffer the pain for. When I go back to China in September, I am going to purchase Bone Essense and continue taking it for another year.”

  • Leg pain and difficulty walking. Doctor He, calling from Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, said he had a patient who had leg pain and difficulty walking. Every time the patient went to the hospital, his housemaid had to hold his arm and take him. Recently, he was able to walk to the clinic by himself without any help. He was so happy that Bone Essense was the answer. He had been taking Bone Essense for a while. Doctor He also recommended Bone Essense to the other patients and the results have been good. Doctor He Googled Best in Nature’s website so he could recommend these great health products to even more patients.

  • Shoulder hyperostosis. Mrs. Meng of Las Vegas called in late June of 2012. Per Mrs. Meng, her co-worker Chef Xie, had symptoms of shoulder hyperostosis and was in so much pain. He started trying Bone Essense. After taking only 12 bottles, all his pains, discomforts, and symptoms were gone. He was able to go back to work again. Mrs. Meng was so surprised by the effects of Bone Essense that she called Best in Nature immediately after hearing about this story from her co-worker. She wanted to try Bone Essense and ordered 6 bottles. (Mrs. Meng, 702-326-xxxx)

  • Improved bone density and less joint pain. A few months ago, Mrs. Zhaoying Xu sent an email to Best in Nature and complimented the amazing effects of Bone Essense. “Bone Essense is amazing. Most people at my age have some sort of joint illness. I already recommended Bone Essense to many of my friends and now I want more people to know about this amazing product. Some of my friends tried Bones Essense already and some are taking it right now. Not only is the pain diminished, but my Bone Density tests show significant improvements.”

  • Hyperostosis and difficulty going up the stairs. “I can’t wait to call Best in Nature and share the best news from my family.” Mr. Zhu from Oregon said on June 1st, 2012 (Mr. Zhu, 503-269-62xx). His mother is about 80 years old. She was not able to climb up the stairs due to hyperostosis. Her doctor suggested that she get surgery done but after taking Bone Essense for three years, her conditions improved significantly. He even recommends Bone Essense to his relatives and friends. His 50 year-old friend used to feel pain on his knees all the time and is getting better as well. “It’s magical” Mr. Zhu said.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis. Mr Bin Yang from New York called on April 15, 2012 and shared similar experiences as well. “I suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, and my middle finger was in so much pain. I went to see the doctor and took products like Amway and USSANNA, but none of them made any difference for me. My middle finger was still swollen. The most impressive thing happened after I took seven bottles of Bone Essense: my middle finger wasn’t swollen and stopped hurting. I can move without pain. My sister in Shanghai has the same symptoms. This time I’m not only ordering for myself, but also for my sister.” (Mr. Bin Yang, 917-681-xx58)

  • Knee pains and leg cramps. Mr. Li from Diamond Bar, California, had some good news to share. His father is about 81 years and lives in Shanghai. The pain in his knees and legs was so intense when climbing the stairs. Only after taking Bone Essence for several months, did he feel no pain at all. His father shared some Bone Essense with his sister and her severe leg cramps disappeared. Bone Essense has been really helpful for my family and I appreciate Best in Nature for developing such a good product. (Mr. Li, 909-396-12xx)

  • Shoulder and hands pain. Mr. Jiazhi Hu from Denver mailed Best in Nature a thank you letter on January 16th, 2012. “I really appreciate Best in Nature for developing so many wonderful products. Just four years ago, I felt pain on my shoulder and could not move my hands. The level of pain decreased after taking two bottles of Bone Essense. I continued to take Bone Essence after that for long term benefits. It never hurt over the past few years.” Mr. Hu read our website carefully and even gave some valuable feedback.

  • Numbness. Before, Mr. Dong from New York (917-238-73xx) felt numbness in his fingers every morning and evening. There were noises every time he squatted. He tried 12 bottles of Bone Essense and his fingers started feeling better and his legs moved more freely. At the beginning of the new year, Mr. Dong bought another 12 bottles without hesitation.

  • Adhesion between bones. Ten years ago, I gradually found moving my right wrist to be very painful. I thought it was dislocation, so I went to a traumatology institute. The doctor there told me it was not a dislocation, as there was still adhesion between bones. After helping me separate the adhesion, he suggested that I get a physical examination. The specialist helped me do an arthrography which confirmed the thinning of articular cartilage. The doctors told me there is no better way except to wait for cartilage piercing so I can get a surgery. He told me not to bend my wrists.

  • Difficulty walking. Four years ago, my mother-in-law told me she always falls while walking. I did online research for a long time and finally recommended that my husband buy her Bone Essense. After taking Bone Essense, my mother-in-law said her legs feel stronger, and had no problem walking. After seeing the effects of Bone Essense, I immediately bought some for my mother. Before, my mother could not cross her legs. Now she can, after taking Bone Essense. She can move her joints more freely now and she does not need anything to help her walk even though she is almost 90.

  • Wrist pain and osteoporosis. Two years ago, my right wrist pain made me unable to lift a kitchen knife. My husband said "Two older ladies are fine now after taking Bone Essense, why don't you treat yourself with a good remedy too?" So I tried Bone Essense and my wrists no longer hurt. I recommended Bone Essense® to a lot of friends. My friend's mother, who was living in a nursing home, could not turn herself over because of osteoporosis. After taking Bone Essense, she can stand up by herself now. I want to say that though Bone Essense cannot cure a person, it is helpful to relieve the pain and symptoms. (blog article from www.wenxuecity.com by Xiaoyu, 02-23-2011)

  • Sciatica pain and cartilage inflammation. I ordered Bone Essense about 2-3 months ago. The result was amazing; my sciatica pain and cartilage inflammation were relieved. Now, I am so happy that I can bend down and pick up things from the floor. I never thought I could be pain free by taking Bone Essense. I called to thank the research team for developing Bone Essense. Also, my daughter is 24 years old and she has arthritis. Can she take it too? (Mr. Jiang, New York,Tel: 917-345-42xx)

  • Bone spur and lower back pain. I purchased Bone Essense several times for my mother-in-law in China. My mother has bone spur on her lower back lumbar. I think she should take it too. After taking Bone Essense for one year, she feels much less pain in her lower back. She believes Bone Essense really helped her a lot, so she wants to continue taking it. She wishes one day to be pain free again. (Mr. Li,Arizona,520-877-80XX)

  • Degeneration arthritis. I am a young health provider, but I already have degeneration arthritis. Since both of my knees have been experiencing serious pains for a long time, I went back to China for a detailed examination. The MD suggested that the only way to treat my pain is to insert medication directly into my joints to relieve the pain. Even with the medication, the results were only temporary. I searched for other types of health products to help myself. Last winter I found Bone Essense and the results surprised me! I was much better. Later on, I tried "Move Free" from Costco, but the results were not as impressive. (Miss Yang, Maryland,301-309-XX29)

  • Knee injury. My mother is 70 years old. She injured the meniscus part on her knee badly. The doctor in China suggested that she would need a knee-replacement surgery. My mother was afraid of the surgery, so I ordered 12 bottles of Bone Essense for my mother in February. Taking Bone Essense for five months reduced the pain, so she asked me to re-order more Bone Essense for her. She is happy with the results because she does not have to go through with the operation. Now I have ordered six bottles for myself, too (Mr. Zhang, New York, 646-523-55XX).

  • Bone spur. My mother is about 70 years old. She has bone spur on her knee joints, and has excess synovial fluid. My mother not only has a lot of difficulty walking, but also experiences serious pain all the time. She started taking Bone Essense and worked with physical therapy. Now, she walks with relatively little pain. I do not know which method made it work for my mother, but I am very happy with the results. I am positive that Bone Essense does not have any side effects. My mother told me that she feels great and wanted me to re-order 12 bottles for her (Ruby, Canada, 613-996-13XX).

  • Swollen fingers, wrists and elbows. I worked for a clothing manufacturing company in San Francisco. My fingers, wrists, and elbows are swollen and in so much pain that I cannot even hold up the cooking knife. I ended up quitting my job. I started to take Bone Essense for only a week. The results amazed me. All my pains, discomforts, and symptoms are gone, and I can go back to work now. I cannot wait to share this exciting experience with my co-workers. At first, they all laughed at me for advertising the product for the company. However, after seeing that my hands are getting better, they started believing me. We even order Bone Essense together (Ms. Qin, San Francisco, 415-986-22XX).

  • Neck pain. I am a teacher and had to retire early because of serious neck pains. The pain is so intense that it affects my life. After reading for over an hour, the neck and shoulder areas tighten up, and the level of pain increases. I tried acupuncture in China, but it did not seem to help. I started to take Bone Essense in May. My body feels so relaxed. My neck area no longer experiences the tightness and pain, even when I read (Ms. Lihua, Portland, Oregon, 503-774-35xx)

  • Shoulder pain. I called Best in Nature in April to share exciting news from my family. My older sister from Beijing has had shoulder pain for two years and she could not even raise her arms. She has taken 12 bottles of Bone Essense, and her pain is virtually gone. She does not understand how it works, but recognizes the amazing results. She wants me to order more Bone Essense. (Ms. Lee, Vancouver, Canada, 604-273-xx19).

  • Sciatica and bone spur. I called Best in Nature to give my best regards. Bone Essense® is an amazing product. My friend had bone spur and sciatica pain for a long time. He has a lot of difficulty walking. I ordered six bottles of Bone Essense® for him about a month ago. He has only taken Bone Essense® for only 1 month, but his symptoms are so much better. He can walk pain free again (Mr. Li, 217-891- xx 35).

  • No side effects. Bone Essense® is the best product I have ever used. This health product is very gentle; it does not give me any side effects. Yet it makes me feel better and better every day. I really appreciate Best in Nature for bringing such a great product to the consumers (DAVID CHOU, Indiana, 765-977-xx34)

  • Knee problems and leg stiffness. My brother-in-law is 58 years old and has a serious knee problem. Both of his knees have bone spur and excess synovial fluid. He always experiences pain and stiffness in his legs. When he took x-rays, they showed that his bones are like the bones of an eighty-year-old man, and so the doctor suggested that he get artificial joints. My sister is a department head in Tianjing hospital and so had her husband see many different types of doctors, do all kinds of therapy, and take all kinds of medicine. It was very discouraging, because nothing worked or even reduced the pain a little bit. He tried Bone Essense® as a last resort, taking Bone Essense® for 2 weeks (2 capsules/ 2 times/ day). Amazingly, he can bend his knees now, and both knees are not as in much pain as before. His condition is still improving and he is no longer suffering from pain. I am very happy and glad that I found this product for my brother-in-law. I called Best in Nature to let them know the exciting experience from my family member (Ms. Bai, Santa Monica, California, 310-454-XX66)

  • Joint pains and bone density. My sister saw the article about bone health from Wenxuecity.com. The article mentioned that Bone Essense® could not only help with knee pain and any type of joint pain, but could also increase the bone density to 90%, even for women going through menopause. I ordered 18 bottles for my parents and myself (Ms. Shen, San Jose).

  • Joint pains. My elderly mother cannot bend her fingers or knees. She also suffered great pain while walking. The doctor said she needed a surgery, so I bought her a set of Bone Essense®. She could bend her fingers after taking Bone Essense® for a month. After four sets, even her knees are fine. Now she can walk like normal people (Miss Sheng, Ohio, 216-212-64xx)

  • Knee and elbow pain. After taking the Bone Essense®, the pain in my knees and elbow is gone. Thank you for your wonderful product! I tried other products, but none of them are comparable to yours. So I come back to buy your product again! " (Miss Yu Li, Rosemead, California, 626-458-21XX)

  • Bone spur. I bought Bone Essense® from Starside Drugs (pharmacy located in New York city) for my father. After taking Bone Essense®, his pain has been relieved, and the original bone spur is gone now (Ms. Tan, New York City, New York, 718-888-22XX)

  • Rheumatoid arthritis. My father suffered from rheumatoid because he slept on wet muddy floor during the Cultural Revolution in China. After taking Bone Essense®, he can now go to the grocery store by himself (Mr. Zhu, Dallas, Texas, 908-672-73XX)

  • Back pain. My brother suffered lumbar disc hernia, Bone Essense® helped him relieve the pain (Ms. Wei, Montana, 406-248-xx83)

  • Muscle strain and pain. I worked very hard for my Ph.D. research. Sitting in front of the computer for 12 hours a day caused muscle strain and endless pain. After I took three bottles of Bone Essense® I feel much better than before (Mr. Guo, 541-579-52xx)

  • Menopausal osteoporosis. The pain on my knees is gone after I took Bone Essense®. It helps with menopausal osteoporosis. After I took Bone Essense®, my bone density increased to 90. I have no more fear of a fall fracture (Miss Shen, San Jose, California)

  • Knee and heel pain. I suffered knee and heel pain. After I took a few bottles of Bone Essense®, however, the pain eased significantly. My sister-in-law used to have legs cramps, but doesn't suffer from cramps anymore after taking Bone Essense® (Mr. Liu, California, 626-202-75xx)

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